Back to school time is in full swing, and making sure students have appropriate after school care is critical to a student's success. In order to get a full picture of student outcomes this past school year, ARCHS surveyed students, their parents, their day school teachers, and after school providers.

ARCHS surveyed students in December (1,617) and in April (1,589) to evaluate the impact of after school programs.  The survey results showed that:

  •     More than 80% of the youth reported improvements in the areas of academic support and enrichment (81.12%), health and recreation (85.33%), social and life skills (81.79%), and character development (81.92%).  In addition, the survey showed re-administration reliability, meaning that the test results were consistent each time they were given.

ARCHS also surveyed parents in December (702) and in April (660) to measure parental perceptions of the after school program and of their children's participation.

  •     94.4% of parents believed that the after school program produced better school day learning and behavior.
  •     95.4% of the parents believed that the after school program offered an opportunity to discuss their child’s behavior.

At the end of the school year, ARCHS surveyed the day school teachers (269) and the after school provider staff (129) to get a picture of how the after school program affected the school day performance and behaviors of the student.

  •     95.6% of the after school staff reported an increase in school day learning and behavior.
  •     83.5% of the day school teachers reported better classroom behavior.
  •     90.3% of the day school teachers  reported an increase in educational outcomes for the after school students.