Jitterbugs Development Center co-owner Jennifer Ross inspects damage to her childcare center after storms tore into the area on April 22.Jitterbugs Development Center co-owner Jennifer Ross lifted a large piece of fallen roofing from her lawn as she examined debris scattered about. Three days prior, the ARCHS' supported childcare center had toys covering their backyard. Yet today - tree limbs, broken cables, and shingles occupy the space where children once rode their tricycles.

"I don't know the value of the damage at this point. I'm devastated. We are just so devastated by this," Ross said. "If you look around, ARCHS has helped us out with a lot of this, and to see what happened to a lot of it...we are just in tears because we love this place so much."

Storms, including tornadoes, swept into the region and pummeled homes and businesses on April 22. Unfortunately, the relentless weather failed to spare the small child care center sitting at 420 Chambers Road.

The center suffered significant structural damage, including a collapsed roof on an extension building. Trees that weren't originally on Jitterbugs' property now cover it.

"There are a lot of toys missing or damaged," Ross said. "We found some across the street, some over there, and the others - I don't even know where they could be."

While they are heartbroken over the damage to their center, Ross and co-owner Jeneicia Eastern are thankful that no one was hurt.

Ross said they hope to get a new roof installed as soon as possible, even though they just had a new one put on less than six months prior. They are looking for assistance in moving debris. To help, please call 314-910-8256 or 239-5107.

For those unable to help, Ross asks for thoughts and prayers.

"If we get those first, I'm sure we will be okay," she said.