Making a Difference ASAP

Since 2007, ASAP has made a dramatic impact on the lives of St. Louis area children, parents, educators, and after school professionals.

Impact on the Region:

  • Supports childrens' classroom learning
  • Enhances teacher and school based curricula
  • Provides safe and nurturing environment for children
  • Fosters stronger sense of neighborhoods
  • Allows parents to work and/or attend school themselves
  • Prepares children for lifelong learning
  • Reduces children's exposure to risky behaviors and possible victimization

Impact on Access:

ASAP and its partners have added 2,560 new additional "after school slots" to the City of St. Louis. ASAP is working toward a goal of adding more than 5,600 new slots to assure that at least 22% of City-based students have access to after school services (the national average). ASAP has also added slots in the Riverview Gardens School District, while continuing to serve the Jennings School District.

Impact on Quality:

Through the professional development training and technical assistance provided by ARCHS, United 4 Children, and other organizations, the after school service delivery providers ASAP contracts with are increasing their knowledge and building capacity. The use of performance based contracts, common data collection, logic models, and thousands of hours of collective training and assistance is helping more than 300 after school professionals grow and learn.

Impact on Funding:

ASAP has created a public and private funding model that brings together money and resources from the State of Missouri, St. Louis Mental Health Board, area schools, and an impressive array of private funders. ASAP estimates it would cost parents more than $3,000 to pay for the services each child receives free of charge through ASAP. With more than 3,000 children served - that is an impressive $9 million impact on the region.

Impact on Students:

Each of ASAP's program locations report that their children and parents are seeing the impact ASAP makes in their daily lives. From help with homework to learning vital life skills and character development, children are growing and learning via fun, yet educational activities.